Birth Photo Announcements – An Eco Friendly, Plantable Version

Birth Photo Announcements are a treat in and of themselves. It is your child’s formal introduction to family, friends, and colleagues. No doubt you gave great thought as to what picture to include and what pertinent facts to include on the announcement. But did you know you could also give photo announcements that are both eco-friendly andthat also provide more than what meets the eye? Namely the gift of colorful wildflowers!

What to look for in a plantable Birth Photo Announcement:

1. That the announcements look professional. In terms of style, layout, print and the clarity of the photo itself. But also keep in mind that it is your responsibility to provide a high quality photo to the person or company making the cards for you.

2. That you receive an electronic proof of your card prior to the actual printing of the card. A reputable company will already have this procedure in place because they will want to ensure that the card is perfect prior to printing to avoid costly mistakes. Also, double proof the personalized text you want printed on the card prior to submitting it. Catching an error prior to creating the proof will save time for all involved.

3. Make sure that the directions on how to plantable the announcements are included. Many companies print the instructions on the back of each card. Typically you simply tear the paper into pieces, plant an inch or two below the soil in a container, and water daily. It couldn’t be easier.

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