Dance Away Stress With Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

Even though Colorado has more sunny days than most states, it isn’t always possible to get out and take a hike when my body needs to get moving.

This can make me feel stressed or frustrated.

So instead of going down that path, I chose to put on some fun music to dance to and diffuse a favorite Essential Oil to bring the aroma of nature into my home space. 100% Pure Essential Oils such as Rose Oil can help me envision dancing in a garden filled with flowers or Pine Oil will help me imagine dancing along a beautiful mountain trail and uplift my spirit.

This tip is especially useful when you find that you may have to work late into the night in your home office, focused on the unnatural side of life that is all business or bill related. Before settling into the task, take 5, 10, or 15 minutes to get up and dance. You can use Pine or Rose Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser to bring a little bit of nature’s aroma into your space to help you relax and stay centered on the task at hand rather than battle with negative emotions.

I find if I take even as a short bit of time as 10 minutes before sitting down at my desk to get my body moving and breathing a pleasant aroma before settling into any stressful task, such as paying bills, I can stay focused better and get through this chore more quickly.

Paying bills always seem to fill my mind with worrisome thoughts and causing my body to feel tensions. So this makes the process more difficult and takes longer to complete.

Whenever I find myself stressing over the numbers, or how low my bank account is sinking, I take a short break. I stand up, dab a drop of Lavender Essential Oil under my nose and onto my temples, put on one dance song and move about in the office in dance-mode for the length of that one song. I find it is hard to keep from smiling again when I listen to someone singing with their whole being and letting my body move with the rhythm of a joyful song.

Give it a try. If this doesn’t totally change your attitude, before you go back to your task, try adding Essential Oil Aroma Therapy to your space.

Everyone should have one or two small spray bottles of pure water that they have added a few drops of an Oil or Oil Blend that they have found useful for focusing their mind or relieving worrisome thoughts handy. Perhaps YL PeaceAndCalming is the perfect blend to bring your mind back in focus, or MagnifyYourPurpose to keep the creative juices flowing could be your choice.

Whichever Essential Oil you like best, spray it around the area you will be working into for your mind and relax your body.

When doing office chores or not feeling creative at writing or in my studio and I become aware that I am holding tension in my body, especially my neck muscles, I stand up, take a deep breath rub YL PanAway Essential Oil blend on my neck and dance to a favorite fast-moving song to get loosen up the muscles of my body and mind.

When I felt tired but knew I had to keep working, I would dab a drop of Peppermint Essential Oil under my nose and rub it on the back of my neck to give me energy. Sipping on a cup of Peppermint Essential Oil Tea also helped calm my stomach and energize my whole body from within.

Combining Dance and essential oil aroma diffuser is a great way to find Natural Stress Relief. Safe and easy to use, with no unnatural side-effects.

You can use Essential Oil Aroma Therapy to bring many of the scents of nature into your office space and bring the Joy of Life back into your mind no matter what stressful or challenging situation you find yourself having to handle at the moment.

Julia L. Wright lives in a small Colorado mountain town that is filled with holistic healers and artists. I have introduced to Essential Oils over 15 years ago when recovering from a bad car accident and minor concussion and have used them for many purposes from healing to natural cleaning.

I am an artist who creates feathery masks and jewelry creations. For over 25 years I have coordinated an arts and crafts festival in Manitou Springs for the Commonwheel Artists Co-op that I have been a member of for most of its 36 years.

I would like to share with you some of the many success stories from my personal experience and other friends’ healing journeys that demonstrate how Essential Oils have worked to help us to regain or maintain optimum health.