Family Portrait Ideas – Get Creative

The world of photography is in dire need of good family portrait ideas. People are tired of just seeing the customary staircase shot with the parents and kids looking at the camera repeating the dreaded ‘cheese’. They are all starting to look the same and many seem to have the same pull down backdrop.

Family photography should tell a story. They should reflect something interesting about the family. Viewers should be able to get a feel for the family character by the representation of their family portrait. Instead, we get the traditional shot explained above. We look at it for a moment, turn to one of the family members in the photo and say ‘nice picture of you guys’.

If you are as tired of seeing those drab shots as I am, then do something about it. Get creative with your next family portrait. If you cannot think of any, I have put together a list of ones that I have done to help get you started

Pirates – Once a year my family dresses up as pirates for a festival in our town. We love doing it. Last year, we arranged to take our family portrait at the festival in front of the pirate ship while we were all dressed up.

Is there a theme that your family follows from time to time? I have friends that go to Star Trek conventions every year. They had their group portraits done on a replica of the Enterprise bridge. The idea here is to have a theme that the family likes and is comfortable with.

Camping – My family also goes camping a couple times a year. A few years ago, we took our portrait at a favorite campsite. Everyone was in a good mood and the smiles were natural.

The point here is to try taking the portrait that reflects the closeness of the family doing something together that they enjoy. I have even heard of a family taking theirs while kayaking.

Collage – Many families have member that are separated by many miles, even living in different states. This makes it very hard to get everyone together to have a family portrait taken. One way to get around this is to have each person have a portrait done, still using a creative idea such as the ones mentioned above, and then combine each member’s portrait into a family portrait collage. With all of the digital photography manipulation programs out there, this can get very interesting.

In the end, enjoy yourself. This should not be a dreaded event. The children should not have to think that they are going to have to wear uncomfortable cloths and sit still forever; I remember thinking that when I was a kid.

These family portrait ideas are just meant to give you something to think about, feel free to create and share your own.