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What is it? O-A-N-N – One America News Network. Like, those two platforms – it appears as if they have less of that double-pressure. I think a great deal of folks hearing this episode may not really know about OAN or Newsmax yet. FOLKENFLIK: Yeah. SANDERS: Tell folks who they are.

SANDERS: Wow. FOLKENFLIK: Now, they’re still a much smaller sized operation than Fox, but they can trigger Fox discomfort. SANDERS: Now, what about the One America News Network? Like, they – I do not really know what they are. FOLKENFLIK: I imply, they are a great repository and circulator of off-the-wall conspiracy theories.

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FOLKENFLIK: They justify quite much any indulgence that Trump wishes to any allegation he wants. They went in deep on Biden and Ukraine in methods that even after official federal government reports and investigations came out not finding it, you understand, they kept going back to Rudy Giuliani, allowing him to make claims that appear, a minimum of in part, to be based upon info and material supplied by a person that Trump’s own Treasury Department have said is basically Russian operatives.

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They have bet the house on the concept that whatever helps Trump in the minute, nevertheless wild the conspiracy theory is, if there’s something for them to spin as a tale, they’ll do it. SANDERS: OK. Then if there are these upstarts challenging Fox from the far-right, Newsmax and One America News – and Fox News is now kind of losing compared to outlets like CNN.

How bad of a dilemma is Fox News in? They’re being assaulted from both sides, and they are kind of losing on both fronts? FOLKENFLIK: I suggest, from my viewpoint, I would say that Fox, on the one hand, is wildly profitable, and they’ve got an unbelievable brand and commitment among a lot of audiences.

And I ‘d also say that it’s somewhat – it seems somewhat rudderless. SANDERS: Like – so like no one’s in charge. FOLKENFLIK: I mean, there are individuals in charge. Suzanne Scott, a longtime Fox executive, is the head of Fox News Media, which integrates Fox Company News and Network and other affiliated platforms.

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It’s not that you want them to determine what people say, however you ‘d believe that they would say, hey, appearance; folks, we need to honor throughout our news and viewpoints that Biden has actually won this. You’re not seeing any sort of command action say, this is a time of nationwide crisis.

SANDERS: Yeah. FOLKENFLIK: And you saw Fox basically cut away from a great deal of the impeachment debate. Instead, you saw them invest an extraordinary amount of time about social media deplatforming of President Trump and his involved supporters and dealing with that as though that is a crisis. Now, I really believe there’s some intriguing complimentary speech implications to that, however I do not believe that’s more essential than a whole insurrection versus the seat of the legislative branch of federal government.