Garden Wall Lights – The Basis of Any Outdoor Lighting Project

The point to remember of Garden walls Canberra with garden lighting is that it is the shadows that create the effect, the light is simply a tool to create those shadows, too much light equals not enough shadow. A couple of garden wall lights are preferable to blazing halogen. This is slightly different, of course, when you want to party the night away! All rules are made to be broken, after all. However, the best parties give small oases where you (and if you’re lucky, somebody else) can get away from the hullabaloo and find some tranquillity.

When your garden is filled with partying visitors, sometimes a little the worse for wear, the last thing you want is for them to trip over uneven paving or fall down the patio steps. It is your responsibility to illuminate these hazards, and then if your ‘tired and emotional’ friends do end up on the floor, at least you know you did your best to prevent this. Garden wall lights are superb for delineating pathways and lighting up the patio. Consider brick lights, which give out just the right amount of light for safety but not enough to dazzle you. These actually make splendid feature lighting too.

Garden wall lights make good security lighting as well as illuminating everyday garden hazards. A wall light by your back door, a porch light, a bulkhead light over by the shed; simple wall lights providing excellent security.

When it comes to style, well nobody can advise you on that! Style is personal and, whatever you like, you should go for it. If you are a lover of contemporary styling, then you might prefer stainless steel wall lights to wrought iron wall lights.

Get the basics in place, and build on top of that. This is a rule that applies to everything you do in life. Think of garden wall lights as the basics of garden lighting and you won’t go far wrong.