Inflatable Obstacle Courses Are a Safe Way to Entertain Special Event Guests!

Ever since Tomensen created the first inflatable Mickey mouse for advertisement a new dimension was added to entertainment that went beyond the popularity of Mickey and his friends. With time inflatable toys and games evolved and have now reached a stage where they have become ubiquitous. It’s sheer adrenaline rush offered by the inflatable obstacle courses that has made them so popular. Presenting various amusing obstacles to clear, the inflatable obstacle courses are a massive hit with special event guests. The obstacles are challenging and work the body as well as the mind putting maneuverability skills of people to test.

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But should the safety of people playing on such inflatable obstacle courses be a concern? Haven’t we heard of kids getting injured at the play ground or park? Can the same happen with inflatable obstacle courses? Well, the truth is: perhaps no other outdoor game is as safe as the inflatable obstacle course. The inflatable obstacle courses are prepared with a very soft and yet tough material known as vinyl. The material is fire resistant and tough enough to withstand load and force. They can withstand high impact, falls, and rushes. They don’t pose any risk of injury like iron and hard plastic play equipment. A little common sense, presence of mind, and some easy techniques will ensure that people enjoy the inflatable obstacle course without a worry about safety.

The pop ups and the squeezes pose no risk of injury. People with artificial limbs and braces on the legs or any part of the body are barred from playing on such obstacles courses. Also, people with physical and mental disabilities will find it difficult to play this game. Any person with normal health can enjoy the game without any fear of injury risk. Only a little common sense and alertness is required while playing on the inflatable obstacle courses. Inflatable game enthusiasts wearing spectacles should exercise greater caution while trying to complete an inflatable obstacle course. They should be cautious while through the narrow squeezes and while facing the pop ups. A fall or hit on their face could break the spectacles and can cause injury.

This kind of risk is present for spectacle users in any sport, not only while playing on the inflatable obstacle courses. The inflatable obstacle courses do not present any extraordinarily new threat to spectacle users. Using a helmet covering their face and the spectacles should solve the problem.
The rock climbing and slide features in inflatable obstacles courses are small ones in comparison to the individual rock climbing or giant slide games. The use of safety harness is mandatory for a rock climbing sport. And in case of giant slides people uncomfortable with heights will have a problem. But in comparison inflatable obstacle courses have rock climbing and slides of very low height. A fall while tackling these obstacles is more likely to cause laughter as you would be rolling happily on the cushy vinyl surface without any injury.

Inflatable obstacles courses are designed and manufactured with safety issues in mind. Children and smaller kids have inflatable obstacle courses appropriate for their ages. They should stick to those and not be allowed to participate in games meant for adults.
Good manufacturers incorporate safety standards in every unit and every stitch of the inflatable obstacle courses. It can be safely concluded that inflatable obstacle courses are safe and pose no risk of injury if a little common sense, presence of mind, and simple technique used while playing.