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Initially, while affirming that salvation has always been by grace through faith alone, Dispensationalism teaches that God has operated in different methods various periods of history. Dispensationalism often taught that the numerous dispensations included a test for humanity, a failure, and then a judgment. This then would be followed by another dispensation.

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Not all dispensationalists settle on how many dispensations there are and what they should be called. While belief in seven dispensations is held by lots of, others state there are anywhere from four to eight. Plus, some have actually differed on the requirements for determining a dispensation. Also, Dispensationalism is known for verifying a pre-tribulational rapture.

By this they suggest that all Bible passages, consisting of Old Testimony prophetic sections and the Book of Revelation, ought to be consistently understood according to their grammatical, historical, and genre contexts. Doing so verifies the significance of ethnic/national Israel in God’s functions which the church and Israel stand out.

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11:26). Simply as Israel as an entire declined Jesus at His first coming (see Luke 19:41 -44) Israel as a corporate entity will think in Jesus around the time of His second coming to earth (see Matt. 23:39; Rom. 11:26 -27). The nation that got covenant curses for disobedience will likewise get covenant true blessings for belief and obedience (see Deut.

This will cause a reversal of the “times of the Gentiles” in which Gentile powers dominate Israel and its land (see Luke 21:24), and it will lead to higher blessings for the world (see Rom. 11:12, 15). Dispensationalism thinks that Israel will have a practical function to the nations when Jesus guidelines the countries at His go back to earth (see Isa.

25:31). Dispensationalism affirms that God has constantly had a people throughout history, however the church is a New Testament entity that started in the Book of Acts. The church did not exist in the Old Testimony however is a New Testimony organism linked with the arrival of Jesus the Messiah and the baptizing ministry of the Holy Spirit.

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These are Brand-new Testimony, not Old Testimony truths. The church also has a specific structure (seniors, deacons, and so on) and function (the Great Commission) that is fitted specifically for this age before Jesus’ return to earth. Dispensationalism preserves a difference between Israel and the church. Israel is an ethnic/national entity that has roots back to Abraham (see Gen.

In addition to Israel’s being God’s vehicle for Scripture and the Messiah, Dispensationalists hold that the country is intended to bring world blessings (see Gen. 12:2 -3). This occurs both in this age, with Israel in unbelief, and in the future when Israel as an entire believes in Jesus (see Rom.

ethnic/national Israel). Some dispensationalists think no promises to Israel discover fulfillment in the church today (Classical Dispensationalists), while others think there is a partial fulfillment of some covenant guarantees with the church (Progressive Dispensationalists). All dispensationalists believe the total fulfillment of Old Testimony guarantees will occur in the future when Israel is saved and restored.

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While not all premillennialists are dispensationalists, all dispensationalists are premillennialists. What often differentiates dispensational premillennialists from non-dispensational premillennialists is the dispensational belief that Israel will be brought back as a country with a practical role of management and service to other countries during the coming millennial kingdom. In addition to verifying a future significance for ethnic/national Israel, Dispensationalism asserts that God has a future function for geo-political nations in the coming earthly kingdom (see Isa.