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So in the midst of the season I saw the cool looking designs and I just figured why not lose all my money of them,” Ryan said. “They are cool to display and for a collector they have unique significance. Some individuals do it to offer them however I do it because I think they are cool. I used a headscarf to every video game last year and I’ll continue that this year.” Whatever the factor, collector’s are dedicated to gathering as lots of headscarfs as possible. They say a number of their headscarfs are gotten through trades or giveaways, however if that’s the case, then what’s pressing scarf market prices to unheard of levels? Is it an underground shadow company that satisfies when a month to go over fight strategies because they’re hellbent on getting as many headscarfs as possible? Really, perhaps.

However if it is, they certainly aren’t going to inform They might mean it however. “Unfortunately [the costs] are our own doing. By publicly posting on Facebook how ‘unusual’ this particular headscarf is considered generally by the members of ‘the group’ and by posting quantities we would want to pay; those who have them have actually taken the chance to make a higher sale. There is no released account of what headscarfs are ‘worth’ considering that many of it, if not all, is based on personal opinion,” Carleton said. Though prices are high, collectors have no remorses about shelling out cash for scarves.

It’s not unlawful, it’s not damaging, and I do not buy scarfs at the cost of any costs or my home loan. I don’t see it as hindering anything,” Carleton stated. The only problem for collectors is discovering locations to keep all their headscarfs. “The ‘curtains’ in my home office are all headscarfs,” Amy said. “I joke to my bride-to-be that if the important things are useless you’re called a hoarder, if they’re important, you’re a collector!” You might never ever be convinced that buying and selling soccer scarves is something deserving of anybody’s time. But there are added benefits to being a collector beyond having a way to fill wall area.

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The adults trading and offering headscarfs like kids with Pokemon cards develop relationships with individuals the collectors might not have connected with otherwise. The dependency is palpable. However so is the community. “I have fulfilled some fantastic people that have become what I look forward to being lifelong friendship,” Carleton said. “Our household has representation from all SGs, several EPL teams, and every social and ethnic walk of life. But we all come together, have lots of enjoyable, buy/sell/trade headscarfs and stories and jokes with each other. We are a best microcosm of the soccer world in Atlanta.”.


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