Basil Essential Oil – Health Benefits

In almost all herbal gardens Marjoram can be found. In most kitchens of serious cooks, a pot or two of Garden can be sighted. This is because the sweet herbaceous with of note of spice aroma of Basil can make meat dishes turn into extraordinary ones. In the field of traditional and alternative medicine, the health benefits of Basil essential oil are numerous. Garden has as botanical name Origanum Garden is typically found in Asia and in the Mediterranean regions. Nowadays, it is commercially grown in Northern Africa and Spain.

It is used primarily on respiratory problems like asthma. Basil essential oil has calming effects on the organs of the body. As organs of the respiratory system are relaxed and calmed down, asthma can be effectively controlled. As the body is further relaxed. I would suggest to buy edens garden essential oils for mucous can be secreted from the body giving relief from coughs as well

When using in massage, it is proven to be a good analgesic and antispasmodic. Muscle pain and even joint pain can be treated with Basil essential oil. As an analgesic, it can be used for those having a fever and have the temperature brought down to its normal level. Being organic, it has no known undesirable side effects unlike some analgesics bought in the market. As an antispasmodic, it can treat all sorts of spasm problems, including respiratory, muscle and intestine spasm.

Known also to be a good antiseptic, way back during the glory days of the Greeks and the grandeur of Rome, it is used to treat many skin problems. Modern cosmetics use it to keep the body safe from any bacteria and fungi. Being anti-bacterial it can be used to protect from food poisoning and other bacterial infections. Basil oil could be used also as a topical lotion to treat skin problems like burns and bruises.

Basil essential oil maybe use for the treatment of high blood pressure and other cardiac problems. Its antispasmodic properties allow the arteries to dilate and thus avoid further strain on the heart. The oil is also used as a diuretic, meaning it aids in urination. During regular urine, toxins, fats and other unwanted substances of the body are excreted. It thus makes an effective antioxidant. Basil essential oil is used for digestive problems also. It can help facilitate digestion by secreting gastric juices needed for the proper digestion of food.