Office Partition Systems

Office Partition Systems are usually found in offices and are employed to enclose a specific workspace. These systems can also be called office cubicles, cubicle desks or just cubicles. When workspaces need to be partially enclosed and separated from their adjacent workspaces, office partition systems provide a perfect way to achieve these ideals.

Partition systems can provide workspaces that are usually 1.5m to 1.8m, or up to five or six feet in height, and these partitions can be left open on one side for the purpose of access. Office partitions enable isolation of the office workforce for the purpose of preventing distractions such as noise and sights, the reason being to allow the workforce to concentrate better and thus increasing efficiency. Work surfaces and shelving may be hung or attached to the partitions to enable extra storage and workspace.

Whilst office partitions generally refer to the more recognized enclosed cubicle workspace, there exist many other types of partitions that can be permanent or semi-permanent. These can include for example; walls built from timber studding and plasterboard which are installed to a customer’s specific requirements, or more sophisticated types of partitions which are movable, and can incorporate sliding, and swiveling mechanisms or even both.

Office Partitioning Perth that uses these more sophisticated techniques will often have the appearance of ordinary permanent office walls. However, these walls/partitions can be easily opened or swiveled and moved to one side, thus making an enclosed space or room become part of the adjoining space/room. This type of installation has various advantages as the enclosed space becomes enlarged by the ‘removal’ of the partition wall, and such functions as business meetings and even conferences can be carried out, which would otherwise be impossible in the former enclosed space.

A very simple and extremely easy to install the type of office partition is the screen. Office screens are simple and efficient. They are generally mobile in design and may be positioned in any required location to achieve isolation and privacy. These types of partitions are generally free-standing and are manufactured from various materials, such as metal/fabric, wood/fabric, glass, or some types of board. Screens can be floor mounted or even desk mounted, and as many of them require no fixing they have no fixed position, and they can be placed wherever they are needed and are easily relocated when no longer required.

Office screens and partitions are available in a huge range of varying designs. Designs can vary from simple basic functional screens to extremely attractive and highly fashionable systems that will enhance any office workspace, which can often result in an improvement in workforce mood.

Office partitions are widely used and very commonly seen in buildings at reception desks, and in offices, the world over, and a collection of office partitions or cubicles is sometimes referred to as a Cube Farm.