Pros And Cons Of Stem Cell Research – Are Adult Stem Cells Just As Good?

Many of us already know that the debate over the Pros and Cons of Stem Cell Research hinges on whether or not Embryonic Stem Cell Research is morally right. But, are politics and the media hiding the real potential of Adult Stem Cell Research? Could it be that President Bush’s decision really moved more funding the the most promising side of Stem Cell Research? Essentially the real question is whether or not Adult Stem Cells have as many capabilities as Embryonic Stem Cells. For many years the debate was fueled by the embryonic stem cell advocates saying that Adult Stem Cells weren’t really capable of turning into other types of cells and were therefore limited in what they could become. But, a lot of those opinions are beginning to change. You might be surprised at the new developments in Adult Stem Cell Research.

It should be noted that more money is given to Adult Stem Cell Research (the NIH gave $190 Million last year compared to the $24.8 million given for Embryonic Stem Cells). But, what many of the Adult Stem Cell critics are missing is that Adult Stem Cells have been used in many treatments 72 adult stem cell treatments have been performed at last count, while a whopping 0 have been performed from Embryonic Stem Cells. Adult stem cells are used in bone-marrow transplants and even treat certain cases of leukemia and other blood disorders. There are also treatments being made for heart attacks, liver, bone and brain diseases and disorders. Adult Stem Cells can also be derived from many places such as Umbilical Cord Blood, Hair Follicles, Skin Cells, etc.

“Osiris, which grew out of research by scientists at Case Western University in Cleveland, is using stem cells from bone-marrow donors to target, among other maladies, heart disease, specifically heart attacks. It is in early-stage human testing of a therapy in which heart-attack patients are intravenously injected with stem cells that are said to migrate to the heart and replace damaged cells.” – The Washington Post.

John Hopkins University Professor, Saul J. Sharkis, who has mad advances in Adult Stem Cell Research, was very surprised at what has been accomplished in Adult Stem Cell Research. He says, “It is mind-blowing stuff,” and “I never would have thought this would be possible … Preposterous. Not Possible. No Way.”

Apparently many in the scientific community are very excited about the new potentials. If this really is the answer, it could be the end to the debate over the Pros and Cons of Stem Cell Research as we know it. It is definitely an exciting possibility that has already yielded some great successes.

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