Resurface Compounds With Interlocking Deck Tiles

The interlocking deck tiles are plastic and wood deck tiles that are made to interlock for ease of setting up. The tiles are made of an upper wood portion and the base is made from plastic with locking grooves on all the four sides of the plastic base. The deck tile usually come in 12 inches by 12 inches sizes. The tiles are laid of a flat firm surface and therefore, they are ideal for laying over your patio flooring, concrete, bricks, asphalt, old tiled surfaces or hardened and flattened bare ground.

There are various advantages of using the interlocking tiles and these advantages have been explained below.


One of the major advantages of using the interlocking deck tiles is the wide variety in shape and color. The tiles come in colorful designs that will give your outdoors a face lift. You can also get creative with different design arrangements. You can have a different color at the edges from the rest of the tiles or you can have a pattern of mixed colors that will give your compound a stylish look. The tiles also come in a variety of materials including wood, granite, slate and porcelain. If you are more environmentally sensitive, you can also get the composite interlocking deck tile made from recycled materials. This enables you to match the tiles with the rest of the house.

Easy to set up

A major advantage of these tiles is the ease of fixing them onto your compound. These tiles do not require any technical skill and are an easy do-it-yourself kind of project. The locking is intuitive and they are light and easy to set up. This is unlike wood deck tiles among other tiles that require a lot of skill and experience in making the spacing even and ensuring the arrangement is symmetric. For the interlocking once, the design is made in such a way as to ensure evenness as you lock the tiles.

Good for Drainage

The interlocking tiles are ideal for drainage in your compound as the plastic underlying finishing allows for water to drain to below the plastic and flow. This means that water paddles are not left all over your compound. The water quickly enters in the gaps between the tiles to under the plastic where it can flow easily to the drainage.

Cover Cracked Surfaces

The interlocking patio deck tile is ideal for covering old cracked wood deck tiles, cracked patio flooring, cracked bricks and any other worn out deck flooring. You do not need to do maintenance on the floor before applying the interlocking tiles as the tiles lock well to cover the whole ground. The locking technology enables you to have a flat surface even in areas where the cracks and wearing our has formed irregular floors. The only exemption is when the wearing is excessive and it leaves height differential in the floor. For example, where some tiles are missing leaving some form of ditches. In such cases, you will need to do some minimum resurfacing and maintenance to ensure some form of leveling.