Tips For Choosing the Right Best Beginner Paintball Guns

Best Beginner Paintball Guns – Some Important Tips

0 is not available, or you want to compare it to something else, we recommend thinking about the World Eclipse Etha 2 detailed in our other alternatives area. Tippmann Stormer Tactical [Best Gun Under $150] The Tippmann Stormer Tactical is in fact $159. 00 at time of composing, but it was the very best bang for our dollar that we tested.

The Dye Rize paintball weapons are a trusted alternative that actually finds a way to offer premium functions for an affordable price. This paintball guns style is based off the old Dye Matrix (DM Series) and Dye Proto series which were leading competitors and numerous thought about the very best guns around 2004-2007.

This weapon fires 68 quality paintballs and operates on compressed air, not co2, which is a plus. Since of the heritage and proven style, this marker is excellent for intermediate players, however advanced gamers may wish to look at a few of our other options laid out. Rate as of writing is $319.

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Advantages Of Best Beginner Paintball Guns

0] In terms of sub $500 paintball guns, the World Eclipse Etha 2 is a really extraordinary marker. The inclusion of the Gamma Core spool valve drive train makes these markers super constant and great on paint. This is a gas through grip style so you do not need to fret about the pipe to the regulator getting in your way.

A big plus over earlier versions of the surprise is that this one runs on a lower pressure of 140psi. This ended up producing a quieter shot then the RSX that we had tested out formerly. The Surprises shoot 68 caliber paintballs and run on compressed air specifically. Don’t bother with co2 on these weapons, it simply will not cut it.

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Yeah, it does not have a talking board, tool-less grip elimination, or magnetic eye covers, but its also $1000 less. This paintball gun is generally a dream for those in the mid-market variety. The Surprise XLS paintball guns would be thought about overkill for a newbie, but someone working there way up the ranks or looking to lay down an intense rate of fire at their opponents must look no more.

Tips For Choosing the Right Best Beginner Paintball Guns

The. By far. A bit of background for you we were at first presented to the Luxe at some point in 2009-10 when the 1. 0 was first unveiled by long time pro gamer Daryl Trent (of champion winning pro groups Ironmen, All Americans). Daryl was very fired up about the Luxe, claiming this was the best paintball weapon he had actually ever laid his hands.

Always on the hunt for that edge over the competition, both my bro and I ran the 1. 0 through its rates. Our minds were blown. The Luxe accuracy was precisely what we were trying to find. The marker was extremely smooth, well balanced, nice on paint and most importantly, the gun spoke to us.